Agri-Business Company

ABC acts in agricultural area such as:

  • Farming, Breeding and Transforming and Exportation,
  • Project conception, study and consultancy,
  • Precious wood collect and exportation.

ABC Activities

Abc has already been carrying several projects :

  • f1000 ha crops farming in Ambatofotsy Tsiroanimandidy,
  • 500 ha rice and vegetable farming in Vakinankaratra region,
  • Cocoa plantation in Ambanja (100ha)
  • 40 ha rice growing in Marovoay

In term of consultancy, ABC has on its credit:

In 2009, A study about how to increase food crop productivity on 5 malagasy regions, in order to face the international food crisis. A study for the malagasy authority and the international fund purveyor.

In 2008-2009, ABC has got the largest cultivated area in the region of Bongolava. This is for the starting of 1000ha crops mechanized cultivation. First activity covers 100ha of RAT crops in Ambatofotsy Tsiroanimandidy.

Currently, ABC, with its international partners work on rice, crops and vegetables (tomatoes, piper, coliflower ) farming on serveral malagasy regions. This means that ABC contributes to the malagasy food self-sufficiency, and increases the exportation rate to the traditional market (European Union, Europa) and regional market (SADC, COMESA) and new market leaded ny BRICS members ((Brasil, Russia, India, China and South Africa)