Compagnie d’Etudes et de Réalisation de Travaux

About CERT

Initially created to satisfy the internal needing of the group, CERT has now gained a notorious place among civil engineering actors.

Actually, CERT was created in 1998 for the purpose to satisfy needing of the group in the area of construction.

From facility designing, CERT now masters, with its team, the whole are of homebuilding. CERT is remarkable by its state-of-th-art product and its after sale service quality.

With economical development of the country and the the growth of the construction industry, CERT has maintained a favorite place among private customers by the quality of its high standing products. CERT has signed many partnership agreements with international well known real estate agencies.

With the entering in the area of earthworks and road construction, which are fundamentals for the development of Madagascar, CERT has also enlarged its area of activity. And it is now able to undertake large projects, with respect to the international standard and the environment.

Together, we build our future.

CERT Implementation and project
This is a short list of CERT projects.


  • 3-star hotel : Vanivola,
  • House building.


  • Estate demolition and new construction,
  • Villa in Foulpointe,
  • 1000m2 freight sheed,
  • construction onf a Coranic School,
  • Shell and finishing works for a 3 floor building,
  • Metallic storehouse,
  • SHELL gas station,
  • Building for water treatment,
  • Construction for the Road safety Center in Tamatave,
  • RN44 rehabilitation.


  • Villa construction,
  • commercial building construction and breast wall,
  • villa construction with swimming pool,
  • PBZT Formation center Tsimbazaza,
  • Prime minister office rehabilitation,
  • 200m road construction in Talatamaty.

Recent works